VATA (vah-tah) was born out of pure love for the people of the Pacific Islands.
VATA is the Fijian word for “together,” and embodies
our philosophy that together
we can impact lives and change the world.

Why We Focus on Providing Sustainable Clean Water Sources

The South Pacific isn't all beautiful resorts and beaches. Many islanders live in rural locations and don't have decent access to clean water, resorting to water from rivers or puddles.

The effects of not having clean water can reach even farther than health concerns. Schools can close down for up to weeks at a time if a community runs out of clean water.

Students are sent home, teachers are without a job, and a valuable education is interrupted. 

See The VATA Project In Action

When we help communities get better access to clean water, we're doing more than just providing a basic necessity. We're reducing health risks, keeping schools open, and changing lives.

Our Team

Founders Spencer Cordner and Andrew Taylor have been friends for as long as they can remember and have always had entrepreneurial minds. Over the years, they became heavily involved in service and humanitarian aid which led Spencer to live in rural Fiji for two years.

Enlisting the help of their wives, Kamilla and Allie, Andrew and Spencer started The VATA Project in 2017 as an original clothing company with a side mission to solve the clean water and poverty problem in the South Pacific.

Now, The VATA Project's only focus is on humanitarian work in the South Pacific and we'd love to have you join us for our next trip!

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